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For people who have experience of sports betting at the bookmaker https://esportzbet.com/gg-bet, you can skip this part. Because sports betting is similar to sports betting. However, there is a small catch. Betting on eSports is much more unpredictable than traditional sports betting, while ggbet bonuses can significantly increase your chances. So do your own research before you bet! The first step is to understand all the options available. As with sports betting, there are several options for increasing the overall odds. Moneylines: This is the easiest type of bet. As in any other sport, you only select the team that wins the match, regardless of whether you scored points or killed. Handicap Lines: The handicap is a bit more advanced. For example, there is a heavy favorite in the match. The odds for this team are probably very low. In this case, you can choose a handicap bet. Given the handicap, you predict that the team needs to win with overhead. Total: It is also possible to bet on match statistics, such as the total number of kills, points or deaths. Suggested Bets: These special bets apply to the crazy parts of a game or match. For example, how many kills does a certain player get? Or who gets the first blood? How to become a professional gamer? As mentioned in the previous chapter, the prize pools for e-sports tournaments are quite large. Also in the industry there is a rapid increase in popularity and volume. As a result, these prize pools will only increase and increase. So who doesn't want to make a living playing video games? And get a piece of the prize pool. A dream that is suddenly approaching reality. But what does it take to become a professional gamer? In addition to a good setting, first select the desired game. After choosing a game, learn all about the game by playing, observing, observing and reading. Also, join the community and contact experienced or experienced players. In addition to everyday practice and motivation, you need to activate your game at a certain point. Depending on the game, join or assemble a team. And start competing in local tournaments. This way you can match your skills with other teams or players. In the end, whether you become a professional player or not depends on your skills, motivation and dedication. One thing is certain, don’t expect to become a professional just by playing games.